Gea Rose Henry is an actor, singer and writer from St. Louis, MO, now based in Atlanta, GA. Gea Rose has enjoyed wearing other hats as well, including Director, Editor, DP, Painter, Photographer... There is nothing more grounding, nothing that gives more purpose to Gea Rose as creativity and art.

Before moving to Atlanta, Gea Rose studied under Lisa Brescia, Kurt Heinlein, Robert Westenberg, and Sarah Wiggin, with whom she learned how to use her life’s challenges to her acting advantage.

Gea Rose has written many short stories and adored her Screenwriting classes at Missouri State University. Recently, she has been finalizing her screenplay "Redoing Renee". She has also found a passion for Directing through Kick The Ladder, where she creates short films every week based on a weekly prompt.

In 2017, Gea Rose made her film debut as the Assassinator whose mission was unknowingly assigned to someone else in Red Thorn Cinema's "The Contract". Most recently, Gea Rose portrayed Mia in Geve Penaflors "The Living and The Dead", which has been nominated for multiple awards, including New York International Film Festival and Wayside Film Awards. She also portrayed the Stevie Nicks inspired role of Stevie in "The Chain" (Geve Penaflor), Jessica in This is Our Youth, and was seen onstage starring as Madge in Lisa Brescia's "Picnic".

Gea Rose was nominated Best Actress for the Fox and Muny's First Annual St. Louis High School Musical Awards, and was awarded Best Actress for the 2019 SLT Franny Awards. In 2020, she was given the Kathleen Turner Scholarship Award.


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